Tahitian Moment – 4×4 Tour of Moorea

Come with me for another Tahitian Moment – this time I am going to take you around Moorea on a fantastic 4×4 tour. Venture into the crater of the old volcano. Visit the pineapple fields and learn why they are some of the sweetest and juiciest in the world. Take in the views from Magic Mountain and visit an ancient marae. Moorea is a beautiful island and this half day tour is a great way to see it!

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Tahitian Moment – Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort – A Tuamotu Gem for Rest and Relaxation

Bora Bora may be the most popular island, but the coral atoll of Tikehau is a little gem perfect for a complete escape, rest and relaxation. The Tikehau Pearl Resort is a lovely, quiet little 4 star resort with only 37 bungalows. The resort sits on a stunning section of blue lagoon and beach with shades of pink, coral and white sand. The local Polynesian staff are warm and friendly welcoming guests to their island and resort.

While staying here bird lovers will enjoy a day tour to Bird Island. Snorkel or scuba in the warm lagoon, clear waters and abundance of coral, fish and manta rays. Enjoy a private picnic on a motu or rent a bike and ride around the main town to see the laid back lifestyle of this off the beaten track island.

Come to what feels like the edge of the world for an incredible lagoon, views, rest and relaxation.  Enjoy this Tahitian Moment video for a sneak peak of the Tahitian Pearl Beach Resort.

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Tahitian Moment – Conrad Bora Bora Nui – Come with me on a ride

Come with me for a ride around the 5 Star Luxurious Conrad Bora Bora Nui Resort and Spa. The newest property in Bora Bora it shines with luxury, upgrades and Polynesian tastes in a drop dead gorgeous setting.

Of course with 5 star service and food to go along with all of that!

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Moorea Lagoon and Motu Tour

The experiences you have while travelling around Tahiti and her Islands often end up to be your most memorable days.  One of the things that makes the Polynesian Islands so unique is their incredible lagoons – crystal clear, filled with marine life and warm waters lapping the shores of sandy white beaches.  A day out on the lagoon is a must do.

Join me in this Tahitian Moment Video as I share with you some of the highlights of one of my recent Moorea lagoon tours.   You will see what it is like, to brave a swim with the sharks and stingrays.  Enjoy a picnic on a private motu.  Cruise past luxurious overwater bungalows and as luck would have it the dolphins came swimming past to say hello.  All of this set against the most magnificent lush green mountain backdrop.

Who is ready to go?

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An Idyllic Private Island Escape

Have you ever wanted to run away from the world?   Swap the stresses and hustle and bustle for the warm trade winds, rustling palm trees and crystal clear lagoons?   Well this might be for you:

The bungalows here are very comfortable, clean and welcoming.  They have everything you need including plenty of space.  Come with me here on a short tour of my bungalow:

Tahiti and her Islands are filled with a wide variety of accommodations and resorts.  Let me help you plan your trip to Tahiti.  Remember I have been to every major resort on all the islands and can provide you with the expert advice you deserve for such a special trip.