CoronaVirus COVID-19 – Update April 09, 2021

Travel Restrictions Reinstated

Update – April 17, 2021 – Borders Reopen May 1, 2021, to Vaccinated American Travellers only

French Polynesian government has outlined the terms to reopen the islands in a safe and gradual manner.   For now, with few exceptions, the country is only open to American travellers who are fully vaccinated prior to departure.

You must:

  • Be fully vaccinated and bring proof of vaccination
  • Receive a negative RT-PCR Covid test within 3 days prior to your flight to Tahiti
  • Complete the ETIS online Entry Form
  • Upon arrival in Tahiti you will be tested again for Covid with a rapid test at the airport
  • You must conduct again a self-test (provided upon entry) 4 days after you arrive


As with all countries that are opening up for travel and tourism there are new conditions in the world we live in.    The following conditions apply for travellers and are subject to change in the changing world we live in:

All travellers must be American passport holders currently living in the USA and are subject to the following mandatory conditions:

      • Prior to boarding:
        • Proof of Complete Covid Vaccination
        • Proof of a negative RT-PCR test (list of approved and non approved tests) carried out within three days prior to their international air departure;
        • Present the receipt of the health registration on the platform (Electronic Travel Information System) ;
      • During the stay:
        • Rapid Covid Test conducted upon arrival in Papeete
        • Self-test 4 days after arrival in The Islands of Tahiti.


1. Vaccination 

All travellers must be fully vaccinated and have proof of vaccination.

2.  COVID-19 Test

A SARS-CoV-2 virus genome test (the SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR test) has to be carried out by all travelers in a health authority center (hospital, clinic, medical centre, Covid-19 testing Center, or medical analysis laboratory) within three days before the flight to Tahiti (at the passenger’s expense).  List of Approved & Non- Approved Tests – Click Here

Ex: flight departure on Monday 11pm, the passenger needs to take the test and receive results between Friday morning and the scheduled flight departure time.

The results of this test must be negative and will need to be presented to airline staff upon check-in prior to boarding the flight to French Polynesia.

No boarding will be allowed if the test is positive.

2. Sanitary entry form online (

After obtaining the negative test results, each adult must fill out a digital Sanitary entry form online on the dedicated platform (ETIS Form – Click Here) mainly agreeing to:

  • Respect the prevention measures and all health safety instructions issued by the authorities of French Polynesia for the pre-boarding phase, during the flight,  disembarkation and throughout the stay;
  • Call the emergency health line at 40 455 000 in case of cough, fever or respiratory difficulty. If the traveler feels any sign of distress, they should dial “15” (emergency services);
  • Submit to the health surveillance system established by the government of French Polynesia which, among other health protocols, mandates a self-test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus 4 days after arrival French Polynesia;
  • Have travel insurance or personally assume all expenses related to cost of care including hospitalization, confinement, or repatriation, should the visitor fall ill during their stay;
  • Provide information about the stay in French Polynesia (except for residents) : itinerary, inter-island transport, accommodation (e-mail contacts / telephone / dates of stay).

Once completed a receipt with an ETIS number will be issued by email;

A printout of this receipt must be presented upon check-in together with the test results in order to be able to board the flight to French Polynesia and both documents will need to be presented upon arrival at Tahiti’s Faa’a international airport.

The printout receipt of the health engagement form is to be kept with the traveller at all times and in all places during their stay in French Polynesia.



  • Wearing of masks is mandatory in all shops, water taxis/ferry transportation, airplanes, public ground transport, airports and ferry terminals. Requirements will be enforced by controls and sanctions. Failure to comply with these requirements is punishable by a fine of up to €745.82.
  • Respecting prevention measures at all times and in all places;
  • In case of a change of itinerary, travelers should update the “itinerary” part of their file on the website;
  • In addition to the test required prior to departure, a self-test provided by French Polynesia, will need to be carried out on the fourth day after arrival in the destination. An envelope will be given to each traveler upon their arrival at the airport. This test consists of an oral and nasal swab, to be self-performed at the date indicated on the envelope containing a self-test kit with instructions and an information note.


  • Self-diagnosis of visitors: in case of doubt on the traveler’s state of health (fever and/or flu symptoms), they are required to contact the reception of their accommodations and/or call directly to (+689) 40 455 000. If they feel any sign of distress, they should dial “15” (emergency services);
  • Depending on the diagnosis made by the Health Authorities, follow their instructions which may include isolation measures and / or carrying out an additional RT-PCR test.



Peace of Mind Booking Tahiti

Myself and all the travel suppliers in Tahiti realize this is a difficult time of uncertainty so we have therefore put together a more uniformed cancellation and change policy with most major hotels, Air Tahiti Nui and Air Tahiti.

The new policy applies for any cancellations and change requests, for new reservation made between May 1, 2020 and October 31, 2021 for travel to French Polynesia between July 15, 2020 and  December 31, 2021

The cancellation or change fees will be waived in the case of:

  • A lock down in the client’s country of residence,
  • The inability to travel to French Polynesia due to the closure of the borders in transit stops,
  • A lock down in French Polynesia,
  • The inability to travel to French Polynesia for a traveler whose Covid-19 test 72 hours prior to departure was found to be positive,
  • The inability to a stay in French Polynesia for a traveler declared positive while in French Polynesia

All prepaid trip reimbursements will be done at the latest within 12 months from the initial date of booking.

Upon making your booking please confirm with me if all of your hotels, airlines and tour operators have joined into this unique cancel and change policy.


Below is a link to a document put out by Tahiti Tourisme with answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

Click Here

**  For further details please refer to Tahiti Tourisme Website

** Entry terms and conditions are subject to change.