Tahiti’s islands are filled with great dining options from chic and elegant restaurants to local and casual Snack shops the islands. The islands of French Polynesia are set apart from many destinations due to the quality of the cuisine. With a heavy French influence, an abundance of fresh seafood, world class chefs and other cultural inspirations the cuisine you will find around the islands is world class. The resorts offer you top quality dining options most with multiple dining venues to choose from. However, it is always nice to get off your resort to explore the local dining scene as well. This will give you not only an opportunity to try a different restaurant, but also to see more of the island and support the local community.   All guests of Tahiti by Carl can be provided with some dining suggestions and if you are a real food lover I will be happy to assist you in making dinner reservations in advance as well.

Special Dining Options

When in the islands some of your most memorable experiences can be your dining experiences. The following are a few suggestions and ideas of some of the options that are available to you and I can assist in prearranging.

Romantic Beach Dinner

If you are celebrating a special occasion, what could be more romantic and memorable than having your own private table set up on the beach? Dine by candlelight under the southern stars with your feet in the sand, some champagne or your favourite wine and a gourmet meals served to you by a gracious Tahitian server.

Villa Dining

Most resorts offer you room service where you can have your dinner delivered to your overwater bungalow or beach bungalow – but you can take that one step further and have a gourmet meal served to your course by course right there at your own bungalow. Getting married in Tahiti – perhaps you have your beach bungalow host a cocktail party or full dinner for you and your guests?

Canoe Breakfast

The morning sun glistens off the clear blue lagoon and in the distance a traditional Tahiti canoe comes paddling towards your overwater bungalow. A warm friendly Tahitian calls out “Ia Orana” as a striking Polynesian man paddles her up to your bungalow where she climbs the stairs, lays out a white linen table cloth and sets the table for your delicious breakfast served to you on the comforts of your own overwater bungalow. A luxurious treat and memory you can only experience in Tahiti.

Motu Picnic

Are you looking for a little Robinson Crusoe experience? How about having a picnic lunch served to you on your own little motu (islet) in the lagoon? A romantic setting for 2 or if the budget doesn’t permit a private experience perhaps join a small group picnic with a Tahitian feast. Either way, it is a great way to spend an afternoon!

Polynesian Shows

Dancing is in the heart of Polynesians. All around the islands the locals love their music and to dance. Each resort will have a Polynesian night where they have a special meal and Polynesian show. It is an absolute must to attend at least one of these events while you are in the islands.

Fine Dining Restaurant Reservations

Perhaps you are not after a special dining experience but just looking to enjoy some of the most memorable cuisine and restaurants? Most resorts have one restaurant that is their fine dining affair and often it is best to have reservations confirmed in advance. Additionally, there are some spectacular dining options available outside the resorts as well some of which have very limited seating or require special transfers to get to. Let me know your interests and I can assist with making suggestions and arranging for reservations as you like.