Diving in Tahiti

WHEN and WHERE is the best diving?


Diving is available, fun & consistent all year round in Tahiti & her islands! The water is warm (26°C = 79°F to 29°C = 84°F) and thanks to the amazing visibility (from 30m to 50m, ie 70ft up to 150ft), diving is beautiful everyday of the year, from January to December.  For those that aren’t divers there is also amazing snorkelling all over the islands.

There are lots of incredible diving spots all around Tahiti & her islands. On all “diving islands”, divers may choose among 3 different areas of exploration: the lagoon, the oceanic drop off or the passes. High quality diving centers are found on more than 12 islands today, on 4 archipelagos.

WHAT can be expected?


A great number of large species can be observed all year long around most of the islands: turtles, sting rays, eagle rays, jack fish, barracudas, eels, Napoleon wrasses, dolphins, tunas, schools of snappers, numerous species of shells & nudibranches etc…



Because sharks are not as aggressive in Tahiti & her islands as in other parts of the world, divers may enjoy getting close to a large number of species (lemon, gray, reef, black-white-silver tip and hammerhead sharks).

On a seasonal basis, some of the species that can be encountered are:

Hammerhead sharks: from November to April in the Tuamotu, from June to November in the Marquesas (in shallow waters, pretty unusual)

Manta rays: from June to November (depending on the islands)

Humpback whales: from July to October (in the Australes & Society archipelagos)

Grouper mating season: from May to June in the Tuamotu