Eight Boutique Private Island Escapes in French Polynesia

Run away from the world and day to day life as we know it to hideaway on a private island in the middle of the South Pacific.   Sound like a dream?  I can assure you – it is!

Here are 8 boutique private island escapes I can offer you in French Polynesia.  Each island is completely different from the next and offer a varying of levels of luxury and comfort – which one is right for you?  We can do a 5 star luxury retreat shared with only a few?  A private retreat just for you and your travel companions?   Maybe it is a full Robinson Crusoe experience you are looking for?  Or something in between with 4 star service, meals and a Polynesian Overwater Bungalow.


The Brando Tetiaroa
The Brando – Tetiaroa
  1. The Brando – without a doubt the most luxurious resort in French Polynesia and one of the top in the world, this private island not only offers you the luxury of a private island escape but the whole lagoon is private as well. Five star dining, cocktails, spa, tours all included in the most beautiful setting in the world!  Be prepared you could be sharing the dining room with the likes of Barack Obama, Ellen Degeneres, Leonardo DiCaprio or any other the other world-famous stars who also enjoy this luxury retreat.


Sofitel Private Island Resort
Sofitel Private Island Resort Bora Bora

2. Sofitel Private Island Resort Bora Bora – Set in the most famous lagoon in the world, this boutique property in Bora Bora sits on its own little motu in the lagoon.  Enjoy some of the best snorkelling in Bora Bora and gorgeous sunset views from the top of the motu with of course a glass of chilled champagne in hand!


Snorkelling at Tikehau Pearl
Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort

3. Tikehau Pearl Resort – Pink sand beaches, a lagoon teaming with marine life, snorkelling, overwater bungalow or beach bungalows this small resort offers you an incredible 4 star experience in the remote Tuamotu Islands Archipelago. Get off the grid and enjoy an island none of your friends have ever heard of – let alone visited.


Vahine Resort Taha'a
Vahine Private Island Resort – Taha’a

4. Vahine Resort – Taking boutique to another level, this resort belongs to Small Luxury Hotels of the World and offers only 5 bungalows spread out on their coconut tree covered motu and perfectly clear lagoon waters. Set aside on its own motu is their brand new Villa Royale – 1,700 sq metre (18,300 sq ft) of luxury living for your family, friends or small corporate event!   The small island staff pride themselves on personal service and quality food.   Pack a good book, relax and unwind!


Ninamu Tikehau
Ninamu Resort – Motu Ninamu Tikehau

5. Ninamu – Unique and unlike any other private island your beach bungalow has been hand crafted from local materials. Hosts Chris and Greta will make you feel completely at home on their island paradise and include all your meals, and excursions in your package.  But don’t worry – you don’t have to do anything at all if you choose.  Just park yourself on the white sand beach under a swaying palm tree with your snorkel & mask ready for a refreshing dip in the lagoon when the urge hits.


La Pirogue Beach
La Pirogue API – Taha’a

5. La Pirogue – one of the smallest private island escapes in French Polynesia La Pirogue is getting raves reviews for its warm and friendly local service. Traditional in both its décor and staffing this 4 room motu resort with all beach suites is sure to please those looking for peace, nature, a stunning lagoon setting and unpretentious Polynesian service.


Nukutepipi Private Island

7. Nukutepipi– When budgets don’t matter, and you are travelling with a group talk to me about renting this private island owned by the billionaire businessman Guy Laliberté who founded Cirque Du Soleil.   Set in the remote Tuamotu Atolls with its own airstrip and the most private location – it is a true lost in the South Pacific feel – but with ALL the luxuries one could ever want and need.    And there is no sharing this island – it is only for you and your travel companions!


Motu Teta Rangiroa
Motu Teta – Rangiroa

8. Motu Teta – An absolute gem! This all inclusive private island allows you to live like a local in the Rangiroa lagoon. The staff not only provide all your meals and house keeping, they also will do everything to get you out living like a Polynesian taking you on tours, fishing, searching for coconut crabs, teaching you to weave baskets or even taking your water skiing in the lagoon.  Round up some friends and give me a call or an incredible experience.  The island is only for your and your travelling companions – NO other guests!


Ready to experience a private island retreat?   Not sure which option is right for you? Give me a call – and I can help you sort out your best option.


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Carl Henderson