Hiva Oa – Paul Gauguin’s Island

HIVA OA - Paul Gauguin's Island
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This majestic and historic island is known for its wild, untamed landscape, giant stone tiki, endless and unearthly vistas, and as the final resting place of poet Jacques Brel and artist Paul Gauguin.

Hanakee Lodge

Suspended above Traitors’ Bay with stunning views of Mount Temetiu, the Hanakee Lodge, the only hotel on the island, welcomes you into its typical Marquesan atmosphere. From the interior decoration of its 14 bungalows through the kindness of its local staff to the majestic surrounding landscapes, the Hanakee Lodge is an invitation to discover “the Land of Men”. As the singer Jacques Brel or the painter Paul Gauguin once did, fall under the spell of Hiva Oa.