Huahine – The Garden of Eden

HUAHINE - The Garden of Eden
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Huahine, nicknamed the “Garden of Eden,” is located 110 miles northwest of Tahiti and is just a short plane ride away on Air Tahiti, Tahiti’s inter-island carrier. Actually consisting of two islands joined by a bridge, the magic of Huahine can be felt instantly upon arrival, and the proud locals do their best to make all visitors feel welcome (the main town is Maeva – which means welcome in Tahitian!). A 20-mile road winds through the island, passing through small villages and climbing high into the hills for spectacular views of the white-sand beaches and brilliant turquoise lagoons. Restored Tahitian marae (temples) and centuries-old stone fish traps reflect the island’s ancient culture and proud descendants who still reside in this magnificent paradise. Huahine is an agricultural island, rich with watermelons and cantaloupes. Vanilla, coffee and taro plantations are plentiful, as are groves of breadfruit, mango, banana, papaya and flowers. International surfing champions seek the world-class waves at Avamoa Pass, and the world’s largest outrigger canoe race, the Hawaiki Nui Va’a, begins here each October. Huahine is sparsely populated, and visitors will fall in love with the remote, unspoiled scenery and relaxed pace of this island.

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