Island Dive Sites


Society Islands

Tahiti => great start: ideal location to become used to new gear and build confidence prior to travelling to the islands. Meet turtles, giant wrasses & sharks, look for gorgons & black coral… Enjoy wreck diving & unusual encounters right outside Papeete…

Best Dive Sites:

  • The Aquarium
  • The Wrecks
  • Papa Whisky
  • St. Etienne Drop Off
  • The Gorgonias

Moorea => the sharks: Tahiti’s sister island is particularly famous for its clear warm waters, rich of an abundant tropical marine life, including turtles, eagle rays and an impressive concentration of sharks species (lemon, blacktip, silvertip, gray sharks, etc…).

Best Dive Sites:

  • Tiki
  • The Coral Wall
  • Opunohu’s Canyons
  • The Roses Garden

Bora Bora => the Mantas: dive one of the most beautiful lagoons of the world… Experience an unforgettable Manta Ray “ballet” in the lagoon, dance with a wide variety of sharks, turtles & schools of barracudas outside the unique pass…

Best Dive Sites:

  • TAPU
  • Tupitipiti
  • Anau
  • Muri Muri

Tuamotu Islands

Rangiroa => famous large agitated passes of Avatoru & Tiputa: as one of the world’s largest atolls, Rangiroa offers exceptional drift diving with amazing successive big encounters such as manta & eagle rays, hammerhead sharks, reef sharks, turtles & dolphins, jackfish & various ocean fish schools. 

Best Dive Sites:

  • The Wind Mill
  • The Blue
  • Tiputa Pass
  • The Angle
  • The Wrasse Plateau
  • The Aquarium

Manihi => for its incredibly clear & shallow water: the atoll, already famous for its original black pearl farms, indeed takes advantage of its amazingly clear lagoon & consequently offers nice intimate or exciting areas accessible to experienced divers & beginners alike.

Best Dive Sites:

  • The Circus
  • The Crack
  • The Drop Off
  • The West Cape
  • The Crossing

Tikehau => for the impressive drift diving & fish population: the atoll, famous for its huge fish population, is a paradise to the natives, with its wild character and friendly atmosphere. It is also becoming one of the premier diving destinations, thanks to its big highlights such as dolphins, gray sharks, hammerheads, eagle & manta rays, turtles, schools of barracudas…

Best Dive Sites:

  • The Shark Hole
  • Tuheiva Pass
  • Mamaa
  • The Canyons

More For Experts

dive-04Marquesas Islands: In the wild northern archipelago, in Nuku Hiva & Hiva Oa, is a possibility for magical encounters: a REAL treat for adventurous, experienced divers: as there is no barrier reef, diving is rough and requires good general skills. Follow rocky volcanic walls, visit numerous caves, enjoy large manta ray ballets in the open ocean, meet lewini hammerheads, barracudas, pigmy orcas, tuna but also lobsters & rare shells.

Note: On Nuku Hiva it is only possible to do private dives. There is no dive center on Hiva Oa.

Best Dive Sites:

  • The Hammer Head Guard Rock
  • The Pigmy Orcas
  • Ekamako Cave

dive-05Raiatea & its wreck, Taha’a: A 100 years old ship wreck, the “Nordby” has made the legend of Raiatea, together with many caves and deep dives : you can count on some truly amazing diving, with big and tiny encounters such as various reef sharks or numerous nudibranches…

Best Dive Sites:

  • The Nordby
  • The Octopus Hole
  • Ceran Pass
  • Miri Miri Pass