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Nukutepipi is an atoll in French Polynesia, Pacific Ocean. It is part of the Duke of Gloucester Islands, a subgroup of the Tuamotu group. Nukutepipi’s nearest neighbor is Anuanurunga, which is located about 22 km to the WNW.

Nukutepipi is a very small atoll. It is roughly triangular-shaped, measuring approximately 2.7 km in length. Its reef is quite broad, enclosing completely the small lagoon, which has a deep area at its centre. There are two relatively large islands on its reef, one on its eastern side and the other on the northwest.

Nukutepipi Atoll was once inhabited but is currently not. It has a small airfield which was inaugurated in 1982. It is now owned by Cirque du Soleil’s Guy Laliberté.

One of the world’s most exclusive island escapes, Nukutepipi is a secluded French Polynesia private paradise. It is an idyllic and unspoiled private island paradise located 6000 Km from the closest continent in the middle of the Pacific. One of the smallest atoll of the French Polynesia Tuamotu Archipelago and measuring approximately 5,6 km, surrounded by deep blue water and a unique ecosystem, Nukutepipi is a haven of rest and a lesson of humility, where all your senses will be challenged and inspired.

This luxury property offers a unique opportunity to experience unspoiled nature at its most grandiose while escaping in this one-of-kind hideaway. The island is only available for exclusive rental for groups of up to 52 people.