Plan My Tahiti


When are you planning on visiting Tahiti?

How flexible is your departure date?

How long are you planning on visiting Tahiti for?
For most North Americans I don't recommend a stay of less than 9 nights. Typically 10 - 14 nights is ideal.

Now many adults and children are travelling?

What is your budget?
Tahiti is paradise, but it is not an inexpensive destination. It is very important to consider your budget when we plan your vacation. To get better ideas of costs you may also review some of the sample itineraries I have posted.

How many islands would you like to visit on your Tahiti Vacation?
There are a lot of options - each island is unique and different from the next. Usually I recommend spending a minimum of 3 nights on each island and perhaps more depending on how much you want to travel and move around and how long your total vacation is.

What level of accommodations are you looking for?
Tahiti has a wide variety of accommodations available for you from smaller more basic resorts up to some of the most luxurious properties and rooms you will find anywhere in the world.

What style of accommodations do you prefer?
Please check all that apply as we can book you into sever different types of resorts/cruises while you are in Tahiti.
Large International Hotel ChainsPolynesian owned and operated hotelsSmaller boutique style propertiesTraditional Polynesian decorModern contemporary decorCruise cabin or SuiteYacht charter or Shared Yacht

What style of room are you looking for?
Tahiti is of course famous for the Overwater Bungalows which is a must for any visit. However, there are a lot of other great room categories that you can experience as well.
Overwater BungalowDeluxe Overwater Bungalow - with a preferred location or viewBeach BungalowGarden BungalowCruise Cabin or SuiteNot sure - please help me sort through the options

Are you planning this trip to celebrate any type of special occasion?
A lot of Tahiti vacations are done to celebrate a special occasion or event in your life. Are travelling for one of these reasons as well or just to experience this beautiful destination?
WeddingHoneymoonAnniversaryBirthdayRetirementNo special occasion - just would like to experience this great destination

Are you planning on diving while in Tahiti?
Tahiti has some of the most incredible diving in the world with their clear, warm lagoons providing incredible visibility. Some resorts and islands have better offerings for serious divers.

Do you enjoy snorkelling?
Tahiti and her islands have some incredible snorkelling opportunities. Some resorts have great snorkelling right from your own Over Water Bungalow even.

Are you looking for a lot of cultural interaction with the locals and learning the history of the Tahiti and her people?

When it comes to dinners and meals we:

Tahiti has some incredible spas for you to enjoy. How important is a spa to your vacation?

If you had a choice to watch sunrise or sunset it would you be:

Are there any particular activities that you are aware of and would like to include in your Tahiti Vacation?
For example - swim with the dolphins, helicopter over Bora Bora, visit a Pearl Farm, snorkel with the sharks or stingrays etc.

Are there any particular amenities you would like your resort/cruise to have?
Please check as many that apply.
RestaurantsSpaGymChapelWatersportsDive ShopOverwater

Have you taken a cruise before and are you interested in taking a cruise while in Tahiti?

Do you prefer your resort to be more centrally located or a more isolated remote area?
There are some great resorts on the main islands but also some fantastic Robinson Crusoe type experiences you can have on some of the more remote islands. We can also compromise choosing a resort on a motu in the lagoon.

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