Hotel Le Sauvage Private Island

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Beach Bungalow

Aito wood, coconut, woven bamboo and pandanus marvelously dress up these exotic rooms. The bathroom is made of floated wood curtains, coral flooring, and a giangantic clam for sink – an extension of the surrounding nature.No electricity – Oil lamps available in each Bungalow from 6pm.

Find yourself on an entirely private little island whose only neighbors on a nearby motu are a coprah producer and some reef crabs. With only five renovated bungalows this resort is calling for those few that want a radical change from your traditional fast paced way of life. The bungalows are made entirely out of local material, with only an oil lamp to light your way and a bathroom on a coral pebble floor, they are the ultimate in Polynesian authenticity.

On site, besides having direct access to a splendid swim in the sea, a Polynesian couple welcomes you, takes charge of your comfort and helps you discover according to your whims an authentic Polynesia … local cuisine, fishing, weaving, discovering the incredible riches of the reef known as the Island Reef, a unique “lunar” landscape whose coral platform extends hundreds of kilometers providing a breathtaking view of the sea.


Host table of French & Polynesian cuisine
Breakfast 07H00 – 09H00, Lunch 12H30 – 14H00, Dinner 19H00 – 21H00

No Room Service available

Bar 07H00 – 23H00
A selection of spirits, wine and soft is available from the bar


** Sad to say, this little gem will be closing as of the end of April 2018 – Contact me soon if you are interested in visiting.  ***

For travelers seeking for a Robinson Crusoe hideaway, the Kia Ora Resort & Spa also features five traditional style bungalows located on a private island just an hour away by boat. Baptized le Sauvage Private Island, this secluded Eden unveils its charms to ten privileged guests who will discover the true Polynesian art of living, in a perfectly preserved nature. Nestled amid the coconut and palm trees, with no electricity but only oil lamps, le Sauvage Private island offers a place of real authenticity. A unique opportunity for an unforgettable experience.

This resort may not be for everyone make sure:

  • You are not afraid of the water.  The hour long crossing to the remote atoll is made in all weather conditions and can be rough
  • This is the ultimate isolated island getaway – make sure the isolation will not bother you – it is  the beauty of this unique resort
  • Nature and your travel companion will be your best friend!   There is only electricity in the dining area so pack a good book, relax and enjoy!

DEC 2016