Swimming with the Humpbacks

Travelling is incredible!  It allows us to have experiences and build memories that we may never have been able to do otherwise.  To see sites we can’t see at home.  Taste exotic foods we have never tried before.  Meet new people and in this case – interact with wild life…..BIG wildlife.

Mama & Baby Humpback
Mother and Baby Humpback Whale

Every year they return.  The humpback whales come back to the warm Polynesian waters where they have their babies and stay until the young are old enough to move on.   Tahiti is one of the few places in the world where you can have an opportunity to get out onto the water to see these magnificent giants and if the conditions are right, get in the water and swim with them!

This past October I was fortunate enough to have an incredible experience snorkeling with the humpback whales.  Watch this short video and view it right to the end, when the inquisitive baby swims right up to us before Mama dives down deep and she follows.

A bucket list experience that is forever locked into my memory!  Thank you Tahiti!


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Carl Henderson