Tahitian Moment Video – What Lies Beneath

The beauty of French of Polynesia is so obvious with the lush green mountains surrounded by the clear blue lagoons dotted with overwater bungalows. What is not always so obvious is what lies beneath the surface!

The marine life in the lagoons and surrounding South Pacific Ocean is alive with a world waiting for you explore. It is a diver’s delight and snorkelers will be thrilled at the variety of marine life, clarity and warmth of the water.  Experience a variety of sharks, sting rays, manta rays, dolphins, coral, turtles, tropical fish and so much more.

If you are a diver talk to me about the best dive islands like Rangiroa and Fakarava. Avid snorkellers, when we are booking your package, I can guide you to the best snorkeling tours and accommodations where you can snorkel right from your beach or overwater bungalow.

But until we are sending you to these magical islands – for now, enjoy my Tahitian Moment Video of  What Lies Beneath the Surface – all footage from my own snorkeling adventures with a simple underwater point and shoot camera. Enjoy and remember you can subscribe to my YouTube channel, so you never miss a video!




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Carl Henderson