Travel Apps for Your Trip to Tahiti

Technology has become a part of our everyday lives.   Tahiti is a great place to leave it all behind and just unwind however, I know many of you won’t do that.  So if that is the case, I have compiled a list of travel apps for your trip to Tahiti so you can embrace the use of technology.  From apps developed for your itinerary, foreign currency exchange apps, translation apps, language apps or star gazing and so much more.   We know our phones have an app for just about everything.   So here is a list of some you may enjoy using while travelling in Tahiti.

Travel Apps for your Trip to Tahiti:

(with download links)

TripCreator Itinerary App

TripCreator Itinerary App

This is the program I use to create your online itineraries from your quotation to your final booking confirmation.  If you would to bring that with you on your trip, download the TripCreator App and then add your itinerary number and you have your itinerary with you on the go while you are away.   Keep in mind the paper documents you receive upon arrival in Tahiti will have the most up to times for flights, ferries, pick up and drop offs.

Trip Creator Itinerary App Google Play Store

Trip Creator Itinerary App Apple App Store


Tahiti Tourisme Travel App

Tahiti Tourisme Travel App

Tahiti Tourisme have a great App for travellers to islands. Download this app to read island facts, search for local restaurants,  things to do and so much more.  Zoom in on the maps for plenty of links and additional information.

Tahiti Tourisme Travel App Google Play Store

Tahiti Tourism Travel App Apple App Store




Sky Map App


Sky Map App

Polynesians navigated by the stars.  In the middle of the south Pacific there is no light pollution making star gazing a great night time activity!     Open up the App, lay back on the beach or your overwater bungalow and stare up at the stars to see what you can identify.  Remember all the stars are different in Southern Hemisphere than what you are likely familiar with here in the Northern Hemisphere.

Sky Map App Google Play Store



My Flight Aware App

My Flight Aware Travel App

Perfect for any travel, not just Tahiti!  This App allows you to track your flights.  It is ideal for your International flights to see if your inbound plane is on time but it has so much more than flight times and tracking.  You can learn more about airports around the world, set travel alerts and more.

My Flight Aware App Google Play Store

My Flight Aware Apple App Store




Radar Now Weather App

Radar Now Weather App

Weather in French Polynesia is hard to predict and the forecasts are often inaccurate.  Radar Now will show you the precipitation nearby to give you an idea how long any rain may last and the intensity.   I love it and use it all the time all over the world!

Radar Now Weather App Google Play Store

Radar Now Weather App Apple App Store



XE Currency Converter App

XE Currency Converter App

Currency conversion can be confusing.  This App will help you understand exchange rates between your local currency, the French Pacific Franc (XPF or CFP) and the Euro (EUR) to the dollar (CAD or USD).  Remember a quick, but not as accurate conversion is if you divide the XPF amount by 100 to get an approximate US dollar amount.  For example, 1,000 XPF is about $10 USD.   Not completely accurate but a quick and easy if you don’t have the app to check.

XE Currency Converter App Google Play Store

XE Currency Converter Apple App Store



Google Translate App

Google Translate Language App

Although they don’t offer Tahitian, this App can definitely help you with translating anything from English to French and vice versa.    Again, it is an App you can use all over the world.  It is always nice to speak a few words of the local language even if you don’t need to.   People love to see you trying!


Google Translate Play Store App

Google Translate Apple App Store



Beginner Tahitian Travel App


Beginner Tahitian Language App

Beginner Tahitian is a simple and direct Tahitian language learning app meant as an introduction to beginners and enthusiasts. Based on the ‘a word a day’ concept, this app provides up to 12 words a day of your choosing.   Start well before your trip so you get a base of vocabulary and can continue learning Tahitian while you are there.

Speak Tahitian Travel App Google Play Store





As technology continues to grow in our day to day lives, major hotel chains continue to adapt their Apps to help provide you with more services.   Anything from checking your room bill, to ordering room service or contacting the Concierge.    Here are a few of hotel chains in French Polynesia who have apps.  If you are staying with any of them you may want to download before you depart – without a doubt some are better than others.   But they all seem to be changing and upgrading all the time.


Four Seasons Hotels Travel App


Four Seasons Bora Bora

Four Seasons Hotels Google Play App

Four Seasons Hotels Apple App Store






Marriott Bonvoy Travel App



St Regis Bora Bora & Meridien Bora Bora

Marriott Bonvoy Google Play App

Marriott Bonvoy Apple App Store





Hilton Hotels Travel App




Hilton Moorea Resort & Conrad Bora Bora Nui

Hilton Hotels Google Play App

Hilton Hotels Apple App Store





Intercontinental Hotel Group Travel App


Intercontinental Tahiti, Intercontinental Thalasso, Intercontinental Moana Bora Bora

IHG Google Play App

IHG Apple App Store





Accor All Hotel Travel App




Sofitel Moorea Kia Ora, Sofitel Bora Bora Private Island, Sofitel Marara Bora Bora

Accor Hotels Google Play App

Accor Hotels Apple App Store





Similar to hotel chains, international airlines are all into the Apps as well.  If you are flying with any of these 3 major carriers into Tahiti download their App before you depart.

Air Tahiti Nui App

Air Tahiti Nui

Air Tahiti Nui Google Play App

Air Tahiti Nui Apple App Store






United Airlines App

United Airlines

United Airlines Google Play App

United Airlines Apple App Store






Air France Travel App



Air France

Air France Google Play App

Air France Apple App Store




I hope this summary helps makes the techie side of your trip a little easier.   There will also be a link in your Bon Voyage Magazine travel documents you get before you depart.

Of course if you have other Apps you use while travelling and think I should add them to the list – by all means, please share!   Contact me

Carl Henderson