Travelling to Tahiti in a Pandemic – Join Me

Air Tahiti Nui over Bora Bora

I know travelling right now with the current state of the world is a very tough call for people.

      • Some are travelling
      • Some want to travel
      • Some are scared to travel
      • Some think it is out right wrong to travel
      • …and many are just confused about travel

However you feel – I understand!   I have been through all of those thoughts and emotions many times on this Corona Coaster and travel is my living and life.

For most of us, we have never experienced the emotional swings in our lives, as we have had over the past 8 months.  The best thing we can all do for each other, is to be understanding.

With this post and my upcoming posts, I am not trying to convince anyone that they should be getting on a plane right now to head to Tahiti.    That is a very personal decision which you must decide when the time is right for you.  The islands are ready when you are.    And for me, I have decided the now is the time – I am ready!

Tahiti reopened on July 15th and I have clients who have been to French Polynesia during the Pandemic and have had amazing vacations in a safe and respectful manner to other travellers and locals.

As a Tahiti Expert it is important for me to help support their local economy which relies SO heavily on tourism.  It is also important as your Tahiti expert to experience first hand the changes that have taken place so I can better serve and provide advice and insight to my clients.

As I say, if you feel travelling is wrong right now – I understand and read no further.  I am not here to convince you to jump on a plane.

However, if you are:

  • Thinking you would like to go to Tahiti
  • Booked to go to Tahiti
  • Or simply curious about what it is like in the islands and want to dream

…… then come along on the Virtual journey with me!   

The Islands of Tahiti are Ready When Your Are


The trip is a bit last minute in my planning and confirmations, so I will be confirming additional resort inspections and tours  in the upcoming weeks.   What is planned so far:


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carl in Bora Bora


I am very much looking forward to getting back to French Polynesia and sharing my travels with you!    Stay tuned for more!


PS – if you have others who might be interested in following along – please share this post.   Mauruuru!


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Carl Henderson