What? They Are Not the Same?

Not All Tahitian Overwater Bungalows Are the Same

One of the most iconic images of Tahiti are the picturesque huts lazing over the peaceful lagoons. But while the classic tourism advertisement Bora Bora Overwater Bungalowimage would suggest that they are all identical, the savvy traveler knows better. Not all Tahitian overwater bungalows are the same.

Uniquely Qualified to be the best

In 1967, Tahiti was the first destination on the scene to offer overwater bungalows to the traveling world.  If you do the math, this year is the 50th Birthday of the Overwater Bungalow!   Today, while many destinations have endeavored to get in on the popularity of these unique accommodations, it is easy to spot the knock-offs.  Some offer a façade of the tropics overlaid on hurricane-proof, concrete walls. Others contend with ever-changing tides, leaving you feeling like a high diver each time you wish to enter the water below.

Only Tahiti features the natural combination of ingredients required to create the perfect South Sea overwater experience. For example, brilliant scenery, calm lagoons, picture-perfect water, and abundant sea life are just a few of the things that can’t be found elsewhere. These personal residences do not just capture the scenery; they are part of the scenery!

Which bungalow is right for you?

Every aspect of a perfect vacation should be molded around your own tastes and preferences. Tahitian overwater bungalows come with a lot of variety, which means this is definitely an area that you can customize to your liking. Here are some of the questions that you and I will be considering when we organize your trip:

Over the water and under the seaOverwater Bungalow Intercontinental Tahiti

– For swimming,  and aquatic life viewing, do you prefer to live over shallow water or deep water?

– Would you just like to walk onto the lagoon bottom, or are you the kind that likes dive into the awaiting refreshment?

– Some people like to slip from their petite bungalow and start snorkeling among the coral and fish, while others prefer clear, sandy waters. Which type of person are you?

 Location, location, location

– Would you like your view where you may enjoy your beautiful resort, gaze at the beach, or maybe if you are visiting Bora Bora, capture the stunning magnificence of Mount Otemanu?

– Are you a fan of the sunrise or sunset?

– Would you like a sunny bungalow or one that grants more shade?

– Is the hut alone enough elbow room, or do you desire more outdoor space? Did you know that some of the overwater bungalows even have private plunge pools?

– Are you a fan of privacy? Different locations along the pontoon will allow for this, for example, a bungalow at the end of the pontoon giving you the utmost privacy.

– Do you favor a resort that has more of a Polynesian or modern feel?

 Been there, done that

Professional Planning Services
Professional Overwater Bungalow Advice

I am happy to report that I have had the opportunity to visit and know intimately, all of the resorts with overwater bungalows, on all the islands in French Polynesia. This allows me to help cater to your wants and needs.

As you now know, not all Tahitian overwater bungalows are the same. Can you imagine all of the other aspects of your trip that need to be blended correctly to create the perfect experience? Indulge yourself. Choose a travel planner who truly knows their destination and all of its related nuances. You won’t regret it.

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Carl Henderson