What’s Happening in French Polynesia – Covid-19 Update

Ia Orana,

I hope you are are staying healthy and isolated in these challenging times all around the world. Without a doubt it is an extraordinary era and beyond what anyone has ever experienced before.

In order to beat this virus we all need to do our part and stay isolated as much as possible so soon we can get life back as we knew it before.

As I know you are a fan of Tahiti and Her Islands I thought I would send out a little update for you. Like most countries, French Polynesia has closed its borders to travelers and flights are currently grounded until the end of April with a possible extension from there.

The islands will come back and one day the islanders are going to once again welcome us with their warm hearts and smiles more than ever.

Below is a bit more of a video update on what is happening currently in French Polynesia:


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Carl Henderson